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I am planning on providing frequent tutorials as well as information on my projects. I have an interest in information engineering, and plan to show some interesting things that can be done with computers. I have a GitHub page which has some of my projects on it.
This is a new blog - so it is sparse on information at the moment. I am hoping that changes soon, but I am very busy so my time is limited, and many of the posts on here are unfinished.
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I am in the process of doing a DPhil in Free Space Visible Light Communications at University College, University of Oxford. I have a strong interest in Information Engineering, as well as Electrical Engineering, with a hope to become an analogue IC designer or information engineer.
My CV can be found here.
I recently graduated with a Class 1 MEng from The University of Oxford.
For a year, I assumed the role as an engineering manager for the electrical and embedded software team on the Oxford race car.
Some time ago, I have worked two summers as an engineer at the startup PrOXisense, with a focus on analysing Blade Tip Timing, Clearance and Thermal Product sensors. While at PrOXisense I also spent a lot of effort on automation and data aquisition on various test setups.
I briefly consulted for an algorithmic trading company and suggested some effective strategies for arbitrage.

Courses Taken

For my final year in University, I specialised in:
  1. Mathematical Methods
  2. Computer Vision & Robotics
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Advanced Communications
  5. Microelectronics
  6. Optics, Optoelectronics, Metamaterials and Plasmonics
I completed my Fourth Year Project on simulations and optimisation of advanced modulation schemes - including (C)OFDM, Index Modulation, Rank Modulation, and a new experimental method which (with more time) could offer $\mathcal{O}(n^2)$ performance. This is now avaliable in a recent post!

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